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edjing DJ Turntable 1.1.0

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May 23, 2012
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edjing DJ Turntable

by DJiT

edjing DJ Turntable 1.1.0 is a iPhone Music App which is developed by one app publisher.

Edjing DJ Turntable # 1 DJ app on iPhone !
Featured App by Apple.
4,5 stars with 8000 RATINGS !

★ edjing DJ Turntable the new generation mix application!

Let yourself go with the new experience « mix in move »… a new way of mixing! The application, at the cutting edge, offers new sensations to let your imagination carry you away. Compatible with iPhone and iPod.

★ The pre-cueing feature finally available ★

By enabling pre-cueing mode you can listen to the track of the turntable that public doesn't listen to and thus prepare your transition as a real DJ! With pre-cueing feature, you are guaranteed to liven up your parties! More information on

★ Discover the world exclusive 'Mix and Move "

Do you want to join the atmosphere? edjing DJ Turntable turns your iPhone into a DJ turntable that allows you to Mix with a simple flick of your wrist! This new application makes full use of your iPhone's Gyro. The principle is simple: You can direct the sound effects with your body language. Just keep the desired effect button pressed and make your movement. Listen, move and mix!
Edjing DJ turntable is a fun and efficient application that will please amateurs and professionals!

★ Automatic synchronization of tracks! ★

In a second to none quality, edjing DJ Turntable allows you to automatically synchronize beats and tempo of the tracks being played to make a seamless transition like pro DJs. edjing DJ Turntable also provides the fastest bpm calculation of the App Store for an optimal smooth of your mixes!

★ Step into the Light with the function TWEET MIX! ★

Your talent appeares in full daylight with the Tweet mix function! At any time, with a single click you can tweet your mix on twitter! Suggest your best mix and become the DJ Star!

★Synchronize all your playlists on and increase them!

The new function “Synchronize” increases your playlists! The service enables you to synchronize your playlists with your online account. Edjing transform all your playlists with related YouTube videos clips! You will rediscover your playlists with free and unlimited access, a world first!

★ A more scratch realistic than ever

Edjing DJ turntable allows you to scratch on your favorite music like a professional DJ. Due to highly reactive algorithms edjing DJ turntable becomes the reference in Mix on iPhone and iPod Touch. Surprising realism for full effect!

★ Record your mix in High Quality

With the "Record" option you can record your mixes and make your own compilations. To recover just connect your iPhone / iPod to iTunes on your computer.

★ Gyro FX:

Gyro effects allows you to precisely control the effects on your player through the movement of your iPhone / iPod.
Slide your finger to lock, keep active and overlay effects. Discover plenty of movements by downloading the application edjing DJ Turntable!

★ General Characteristics:

✔ Automatic beats synchronization!
✔ Pre-cueing with headphone!
✔ Direct access to your iTunes library to mix your titles
✔ Standard effects or Gyro effects (Cue, Flanger, Loop, Echo, Equalizer, Reverse)
✔ Two Turntables + Cross Fader
✔ Scratch / Pitch on Vinyl
✔ Wide Sound Spectrum for optimum Beat localizing
✔ Recording in High Definition CD quality, AIFF format
✔ An "AutoMix" mode for automatic transitions between titles or playlists
✔ Ability to remix mp3 files of more than 1 hour
✔Compatible with Airplay
✔The Tweet mix function to tweet your mix on Twitter

What's New in Version 1.1.0

Discover the pre-cueing feature which allow you to prepare transitions like a real DJ!

- Pre-cueing feature
- Minor bugs fixed


English, French

OS requirements for edjing DJ Turntable:

  • iPhone OS App
  • Download edjing DJ Turntable

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