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Number Locator 1.6

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Mar 1, 2012
Twilight Technology L.L.C.
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Number Locator

by Twilight Technology L.L.C.

Number Locator 1.6 is a iPhone Lifestyle App which is developed by Twilight Technology L.L.C.

Ever wonder who the heck is calling you? Now you can find out. Type in their phone number and hit search, very shortly you will see tons of data on where their phone is registered.

**NOTE** This is not a cellphone tracker, it is a number lookup and refers to the location the number is registered. We thought this was obvious, however some people have been confused, thinking it will magically track other peoples locations in real time. :)

Even better, you will instantly see maps showing you exactly where that is, and how far it is from your current position.

< Contains FULL data for the entire United States AND Canada >

NEXT VERSION: All of North America, including Mexico, and islands etc.

Current data points include:

1) City Name
2) State
3) Zip Code
4) Timezone
5) Daylight Savings Time
6) Lat/Lon positions

You know what is annoying? When people make you buy a separate app for the iPhone and then again for the iPad by adding an XL on the end of the name. We do not do this to you. This is a universal app that will work on both your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch at no extra cost to you.

Speaking of the iPad version of the application, we went all out and put the entire iPad screen to use. We love the way the app runs on the iPad and we hope you will too.

The next version of the app will include:

1) County Names
2) County populations
3) Various other direct and indirect searches on the data.
4) A lot more!

This app is written by a small company, so you know we care about the app and will work our hearts out to keep it running great for years to come. If you have a good idea for the next version, let us know and we will do our best to add it in.

Talking about money is normally the awkward part of any business transaction. In our case, we are happy to skip that and let you know that we are only charging you .99 cents for our app. We hope you like it as much as we do.

What\'s New in Version 1.6

Bug fixes.
Data updates.
Retina icon and other high res updates to artwork.



OS requirements for Number Locator:

  • iPhone OS App
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